Innovation Champion Awards Winners




Health and Safety Awareness - Category Winner and Grand Prize Winner


Company: HomeEXCEPT, Inc.
Winning submission: Smart Sensors for EXEPTional Peace of Mind
What it does: Uses a thermal sensor to identify objects and movement in the home including humans, pets, fire, stove, open window etc. The data moves over cellular IoT to the company’s cloud platform. In fractions of a second the AI interprets the data into insights that are then made available to users through the web, email, and instant messaging.




Daily Essential Activities – Category Winner


Company: SilverRide
Winning submission: SilverRide
What it does: As the only ridesharing service specifically designed for the aged/disabled population, SilverRide is a valuable service for those who need a little extra support. By providing transportation, assistive support and companion services, SilverRide makes it possible for seniors and disabled clients of all ages to maintain normal routines.



Caregiver Quality of Life – Category Winner


Company: Neofect
Winning submission: RAPAEL Smart Glove Home
What it does: Rapael Smart Glove is a biofeedback system which includes an exo-glove with built-in sensors and an artificial intelligence software to help patients with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries regain their hand mobility. Sensors embedded in the device transmit data wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. The rehabilitation solutions were designed to allow therapy training through games. Each game invigorates the muscles, and stimulates visual and auditory senses to reinforce cognitive functions and accelerate neuroplasticity.



Care Coordination – Category Winner


Company: CareXc
Winning submission: CareXChange: The Online Village for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones
What it does: CareXChange is an on-line village for caregivers. Its technology is developed for this audience to have one integrated solution that helps them navigate the complexities of finding resources, understand public and private policies, effortlessly create their own care plan.




Social Well-being – Category Winner

Company: Intuition Robotics
Winning submission: ElliQ, the active aging companion
What it does: ElliQ is an AI-driven active aging companion that keeps older adults active and engaged in various technologies including video chats and social media. Using machine learning, ElliQ learns the preferences, behavior and personality of its owner, and proactively recommends activities based on that history and recommendations by family. ElliQ also has the ability to monitor wellness and the environment in the home.



Transition Support – Category Winner


Company: Caresponsive
Winning submission: Caresponsive Voice AI Post-Discharge Follow Up Service
What it does: Caresponsive is developing an automated post-discharge follow-up call service which uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage patients and record and analyze their responses to generate summaries and insights. The voice-enabled tool will be developed with an understanding of the human condition and will have the potential to cater to individuals of all ages.




Grand Prize 


  • Trip for 2 company representatives to Washington D.C.
  • Monetary prize of $10,000 
  • Tour AARP’s Innovation Lab and meet with AARP's Chief Innovation Officer
  • Attendance and recognition at AARP HQ event 
  • Ad or Editorial coverage in i3 magazine 
  • Plus, all prizes listed below  


Category Prize winner will receive:


  • AARP Innovation Champion consulting
  • Company plaque 
  • Mention in AARP press release 
  • Mention in AARP social media